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I’m sort of starting the blog thing over at this address…


I copied over some of what I thought were more relevant posts. This new blog will also feature booklists for children readers and librarians alike.


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You like us!

This post won’t help you with your storytime much, but it shows me that this site actually helps you.

I started the site in January, posted up a bunch of stuff.. then stopped for whatever reason.  Anyway I logged in recently and to my surprise – and handful of comments needed approving and the entirety of site statistics being well over 4,000 (over 1,000 of those being in the last month, when, frankly -thinking of this site was the last thing on my mind.) 

So despite my neglect towards the site, congradulations to you for using it. 

I’m back on board and have alot of new ideas coming your way! 


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