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What would a storytime about ducks be without a fun craft and some duck songs?

I Had a Little Ducky
I had a little ducky,
He lived in a box.
He swam in a puddle,
He climbed on the rocks.
He snapped at a mosquito,
He snapped at a flea,
He snapped at a minnow,
And he snapped at me!
He caught the mosquito,
He caught the flea,
He caught the minnow,
But he couldn’t catch me!

Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play
Five little ducks went out to play
Over the hills and far away.
Mama duck said,
“Quack, quack, quack, quack.”
And only four little ducks came back.

The Ducks on the Bus
The ducks on the bus went quack quack quack.
Quack quack quack, quack quack quack.
The ducks n the bus went quack quack quack.
All through the town.

The ducks on the bus went flap flap flap….
The ducks on the bus went waddle waddle waddle.



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Q-tip Dot Art!

Here’s a painting art project that helps keep the mess to a minimum! 

All you need is q-tips, washable child-friendly paint, paint holders, construction paper,  smocks, and children ages 2-12. Kids can share the paint holders so you have less to set up / clean up.

This morning I did this art project in conjunction with a toddler program about frogs and things that are the same and different.   Kids “jumped” the q-tips across the pages, and we talked about noticing how some dots are the same sizes, and some are different sizes. Likewise, some dots are the same color, and some are different colors.

This is super easy to set up and costs very little.  It’s very easy to clean up.  And most importantly, it’s actually ART, not a craft program where kids just put premade things together.

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This magazine collage project is for ages 2-12 and lasts less than 45 minutes.

Download a Word Document instructional handout for this art project here.

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